About the HutClub


The HutClub is a brand with a unique story that's rooted in travel, community, and a love of minimalist design. It all began with a unique tattoo.

A few years ago, our founder got a tattoo of a simple hut to show his support for a fellow traveler who wasn't happy with their own tattoo. The hut was a symbol of solidarity, a reminder that we all face struggles when we're on the road and that we can find strength in our shared experiences.

As more people saw the hut tattoo and heard the story behind it, they wanted to join the community. They indeed got the same tattoo, and soon a group of travelers around the world had formed, all connected by their love of adventure and their commitment to supporting one another.

This community grew over time, and as it did, it inspired our founder to create a brand that embodied the same values and principles as the Hut Tattoo community. He wanted to create travel gear that was both functional and stylish, with a focus on minimalist design that wouldn't distract from the beauty of the places we visit.

And so, the HutClub was born. Our products are designed with the modern adventurer in mind, with clean lines, simple shapes, and understated details that elevate your look without overwhelming it. We believe that travel should be comfortable, stylish, and affordable, and we're committed to creating gear that makes that possible.

At HutClub, we're not just a brand, we're a community. We're here to support you on your travels, to connect you with like-minded travelers, and to help you explore the world in comfort and style. Whether you're hiking a mountain trail, exploring a new city, or just relaxing on a beach, we've got everything you need to make your journey unforgettable.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We can't wait to see where your travels take you next.